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System step-by-step
guidance and resources

Indications for use

The Galaxy System™ and its accessories are intended to provide bronchoscopic visualization of and access to patient airways for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

To access the Galaxy System™ Users Manual click the link below.




The Galaxy System has been designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

- Enrique Romo, VP Research and Innovation


Easy system setup

The Galaxy System™ provides step-by-step guidance to ensure that the Galaxy Bronchoscope System and related components are ready for use. The step by step guidance covers how to prepare the Bronchoscopy Suite, Room Setup, Startup and Galaxy Setup Guidance. A Quick Reference Guide is also attached to the system and a PDF of the Guide can be downloaded via the link below.

Small footprint

The Galaxy System™ is designed to have a small footprint compared to other bronchoscopic robotic systems currently on the market. Our single robotic cart is designed to fit in most bronch suites.

small footprint

Fast cleaning and tear down

With the disposable bronchoscope and accessories, and the lighter cart design, the Galaxy System is designed to minimize the time it takes for nurses and technical people to clean up and turn the bronchoscopy suite around quickly to prepare for the next procedure.

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