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Our next generation robotic platform targets early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.


The Galaxy System™ is being developed to be the next generation in medical robotics, helping physicians to diagnose patients earlier and to potentially improve patient outcomes.

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The Galaxy System™ is designed to have a small footprint compared to other bronchoscopic robotic systems currently on the market. Our single robotic cart is designed to fit in most bronch suites.


The innovative single arm design can be integrated seamlessly with C-arm or cone beam CT system. Additionally, the cart is lighter than other systems currently on the market*  to make it easier to position and move between rooms.

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The Galaxy System™ with TiLT⁺ Technology™ is designed to overcome CT-to-body divergence and improve overall diagnostic yield. 


This proprietary technology is designed to allow for real-time navigation updates and guidance in all areas of the lung, including an augmented fluoro feature designed to overlay graphics during live fluoro video to help locate non-visual lesions.


Galaxy System™ is designed to offer a single-use disposable bronchoscope which may help to reduce cross contamination and the overall burden of reprocessing a reusable scope.


Our world class scope design has an integrated camera for always-on vision and has been designed to reach anywhere in the lung within 2 cm of the pleura.



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