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Pioneering the next generation in medical robotics


Our team of more than 150 experts in medical device engineering, robotics, software, clinical applications, and business leadership come from healthcare organizations worldwide. Through collaboration with leading interventional pulmonologists, our goal is to deliver medical robotic solutions designed to enable earlier diagnosis with greater confidence. Our Galaxy System™ aims to provide tool-in-lesion confirmation enabling our users to deliver patient-first care.
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Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation

The Galaxy System with TiLT+ Technology™ is designed to overcome CT-to-body divergence and improve overall diagnostic yield.


This proprietary technology is designed to allow for real-time navigation updates and guidance in all areas of the lung, including an augmented fluoro feature designed to overlay a graphical representation of the target lesion during live fluoro video to help locate non-visual lesions.

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“The risk of a missed diagnosis has always been a frustrating reality of peripheral bronchoscopy. Integrated tomosynthesis has been missing from the first generation of both robotic platforms and the data demonstrates their limited ability to deal with CT to body divergence.”

— D. Kyle Hogarth, MD

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Reduced risk of cross-contamination

With a focus on procedural efficiency, the Galaxy System is designed with a single-use bronchoscope and accessories for providing faster turnaround, less cleaning, and reduced risk of cross-contamination.


Our world class scope design has an integrated camera for always-on vision and has been designed to reach anywhere in the lung including the peripheral lung.


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“Bronchoscope reprocessing is the hidden cost and burden on the support team. The ability to toss the scope and accessories at the end of each case reduces the burden on my team and improves turnover times.”

— Krish Bhadra, MD


Streamlined workflow

The Galaxy System is designed to have a smaller footprint compared to other bronchoscopic robotic systems currently on the market. Our single robotic cart is designed to fit in most bronchoscopy suites.


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“Beyond the integration of tomosynthesis to improve location and diagnosis, the move to single use scopes and a much smaller footprint all lend themselves to more efficient operation and the ability for more clinics and systems to treat more patients.”

— Bobby Mahajan, MD

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