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First-in-Human Clinical Trial of the Galaxy System

Robotic Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy with
Integrated Tool-in-lesion-Tomosynthesis Technology


AABIP 2023 Abstract Presentation; Tajalli Saghaie, Jonathan Williamson, Martin Philips, Dona Kafili, Sarika Sundar, Alvin Ing, Kyle Hogarth


The Galaxy System™ is currently the only robotic bronchoscopy system that has integrated Tool-in-Lesion-Tomography (TiLT) technology which enables real-time lesion updates supporting correction of CT-to-body divergence.
Having conducted pre-clinical studies that demonstrated satisfactory performance in safely achieving successful peripheral lung nodule biopsy,1 further validation of performance (safety and efficacy) in human clinical trials was needed. It is hypothesized that integrating TiLT+  Technology™ may further improve accuracy and yield.


Study Objective: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the safety and feasibility of using the Galaxy System to bronchoscopically biopsy small peripheral pulmonary nodules between 1-3 cm.

Study Design and Methods: A prospective single-arm feasibility study to evaluate the use of robotic EMN-guided bronchoscopy with integrated tomosynthesis technology for accessing and biopsying small peripheral pulmonary nodules (PPN).

Robotic bronchoscopy was performed under general anesthesia using electromagnetic navigation guidance with TiLT-assisted lesion sampling using a combination of transbronchial needles, forceps and cryoprobes.

Patients were followed up for up to 6 months.
Number of Patients Number of Nodules Average Lesion Size Average Distance to Pleura
18 19 20 mm 11.5 mm


Successful Navigation

Demonstrated Tool-in-Legion

Estimated Diagnostic Yield*

Conclusions:  The Galaxy Robotic System with its integrated digital tomosynthesis was safe and feasible in targeting small PPNs and was able to achieve 100% tool-in-lesion and 89.5% to 94.7% diagnostic yield within the study population.


*Pending patient follow up


1 “Tool-in-lesion” Accuracy of Galaxy System – A Robotic Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy With Integrated Tool-in-lesion-Tomosynthesis Technology: The MATCH Study Krish Bhadra, MD, Otis B. Rickman, DO, Amit K. Mahajan, MD, and Douglas Kyle Hogarth, MD
PMID: 37072895