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We asked leading Interventional Pulmonologists how lung cancer diagnosis can be improved.
View the videos below to hear what they had to say.

Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation
Overcoming CT-to-body divergence

“Most technologies will get you within 2 cm of the lesion. The differentiator is tackling the CT-to-body divergence and confirming tool-in-lesion. The Galaxy System is the robotic gamechanger we’ve been waiting for.”

— Krish Bhadra, MD

“The yield in peripheral bronchoscopy has still continued to lag and it’s because of the inability to compensate for CT-to-body divergence. We have to do better. We have to be able to have confidence. And that’s where tomosynthesis integration is going to change everything about peripheral bronchoscopy.”

— D. Kyle Hogarth, MD

“Only the Galaxy System provides an integrated robotic platform along with advanced imaging. This allows us to overcome CT-to-body divergence and ensure that our diagnoses and biopsies are accurate. Additionally, it provides us with a small footprint and a disposable bronchoscope, which is unrivalled by any platform out there.”

— Bobby Mahajan, MD

“CT-to-body divergence has been an issue we’ve known about for the past three years. And we’ve all seen this. You try to biopsy a nodule, and you’re there, and suddenly on a fluoroscopy image, the green dot is outside the CT scan, and on the fluoro, you’re still in the lung. There have been other ways for us to try to combat this with different add-on imaging. What we need is a system that combines all that into one and that is the Galaxy.”

— Gautam Balakrishnan, MD

Single-use bronchoscopes
Less risk of cross-contamination. Eliminating the burden of reprocessing. 

“Bronchoscope reprocessing is the hidden cost and burden on the support team. The ability to toss the scope and accessories at the end of each case reduces the burden on my team and improves turnover times.”

— Krish Bhadra, MD

“We shouldn’t be worrying about reprocessing reusable bronchoscopes in our daily practice. Really what we want to do is identify patients, biopsy them and get them to surgery as soon as possible. The utilization of a disposable bronchoscope allows us to complete the procedure, throw away that bronchoscope and then move on to the next patient trying to get them in for early diagnosis and potentially save their life.”

— Bobby Mahajan, MD

Why I switched to the Galaxy System
Greater diagnostic confidence. Improved procedural efficiency. 

“This is a game of millimeters. What the Galaxy System provides is when you do that spin, and you are able to see an augmented fluoroscopic image of where the nodule is every single time when you turn that c-arm, it always moves in real-time there. And then, you put your tool out and you do another spin, you see your needle is in that lesion that's the gamechanger. That’s what made me decide to go with the Galaxy System.”

— Gautam Balakrishnan, MD

“Only the Galaxy system provides real-time out of the box integration with my c-arm utilizing augmented fluoroscopy and tomosynthesis to provide for accurate nodule localization and diagnosis.”

— Stephen Kovacs, MD

“What I like most about Galaxy, is that the augmented fluoro allows me to know where I am. So, when I’m using live fluoro, it allows me to actually see if my tool is in the space I’ve pre-planned. I can alter the physiology of the patient through breath holds or whatnot but augmented fluoro allows me to know my tool is still where I need it to be.”

— Sean Patrick Callahan, MD

Galaxy System with TiLT+ Technology™

The First and Only integrated robotic navigation solution