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Only the Galaxy System with TiLT+ Technology™ provides Integrated Tomosynthesis to overcome CT-to-body divergence


The Galaxy System with its proprietary (Tool-in-Lesion Tomography) TiLT+ Technology is the only robotic assisted bronchoscopy system that provides integrated tomosynthesis by incorporating readily available C-arm fluoroscopy. This enables real-time lesion updates when navigating to nodules located in the pleural, middle and the outer periphery of the lung and tool-in-lesion confirmation for greater confidence of diagnostic success.




“Most technologies will get you within 2 cm of the lesion. The differentiator is tackling the CT-to-body divergence and confirming tool-in-lesion. The Galaxy System is the robotic game changer we’ve been waiting for.”

— Krish Bhadra, MD

Qualitative Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation


Only the Galaxy System provides TiLT+ Reconstruction, Augmented Fluoroscopy and True Targeting™ to give you confidence your biopsy tool is in the lesion every time.



TiLT+ Reconstruction

Only the Galaxy System with TiLT+ Technology enables the physician to visualize and localize the tool in the lesion by utilizing the c-arm in your facility to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Image courtesy of D. Kyle Hogarth, MD

Augmented Fluoroscopy

So you never lose sight of the lesion, Only the Galaxy System provides an Augmented Fluoroscopy enabled graphic overlay for visualization of both tool and lesion, allowing the physician to re-adjust for accurate tool deployment.

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True Targeting™

Only the Galaxy System provides a targeting system based on real-time lesion updates, designed to allow you to target and biopsy accurately during the most critical part of the procedure.

“Only the Galaxy System provides always on visualization, augmented fluoroscopy and tool-in-lesion confirmation for us to finish our cases. Having a system that gives you the maneuverability to be able to get to your lung nodule, have the stability that your catheter doesn’t move and confirm that you are exactly in that nodule at all times and in real-time is a game changer. And that is exactly what we have been looking for as we fight lung cancer.”

— Gautam Balakrishnan, MD

“What I like most about Galaxy is the augmented fluoro allows me to know where I am. So when I’m using live fluoro and it allows me to actually see if my tool is in the space I’ve pre-planned.I can alter the physiology of the patient through breath holds or what not but augmented fluoro allows me to know my tool is still where i need it to be.”

— Sean Patrick Callahan, MD


Quantitative Tool-in-Lesion Confirmation


Only the Galaxy System provides Strikepoint™ for improved center-strike accuracy. StrikePoint calculates the difference between the tip of your tool to the center of the lesion to provide a quantitative measure of tool-in-lesion confirmation.

“What Strikepoint does is it gives us a strategy at the time of needle advancement into the lesion to allow us to align our tool up in the best possible position to puncture a nodule, to get the tissue from it’s core and actually get the highest chance of getting a true diagnosis and this is done in a way that we have never had access to until now.”

— Stephen Kovacs, MD


“Tool-in-lesion” Accuracy of Galaxy System. The MATCH Study

The Galaxy System demonstrated successful digital TOMO-confirmed TIL success in 95% (19/20) of lesions and TTL in 5% (1/20) as confirmed by CBCT. Successful diagnostic yield was achieved in 100% (20/20) of lesions as confirmed by intralesional pigment acquisition. Additional clinical trials are warranted to see whether high success rates can be reproduced in human trials.


Galaxy System with TiLT+ Technology

The First and Only integrated robotic navigation solution