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Only the Galaxy System provides single-use bronchoscopes, a smaller footprint and single-cart design to improve procedural efficiency and success


Single-use disposable bronchoscope

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination the Galaxy System is the only robotic assisted bronchoscopy system that provides a single-use disposable bronchoscope and accessories.

With a focus on procedural efficiency, the Galaxy System is designed for faster procedural turnaround and to remove the burden of scope reprocessing.


“Bronchoscope reprocessing is the hidden cost and burden on the support team. The ability to toss the scope and accessories at the end of each case reduces the burden on my team and improves turnover times.”

— Krish Bhadra, MD



Only the Galaxy System provides a smaller footprint and single cart design. With it’s purposefully designed footprint, the Galaxy System is built to improve maneuverability and save space in crowded bronch suites and ORs



The Galaxy System cart is designed to be positioned in multiple locations around the patient to help save space in crowded bronchoscopy suites. The Galaxy System user interface can also be rotated to improve physician visibility and access.

“The Galaxy System being compact has definitely made it easier as far as manipulating the system around the patient and the room and I think it’s definitely made for more people to be in the room if they want to watch or be or be part of the of the procedure or it’s even made maneuverability for me. If I need to go from one side of the room to the other I am able to pass more freely.”

— Sean Patrick Callahan, MD


Simple setup and teardown

The Galaxy System was built with the support staff in mind. With its simple setup and teardown process, Galaxy helps to improve the overall efficiency of lung biopsy procedures.

“Only the Galaxy system provides a single towered smaller footprint in my room to allow for procedure proficiency and efficiency to help with our workflows and the utilization of limited spaces that ours and a lot of bronchoscopy suites have.”

— Stephen Kovacs, MD