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Noah Medical operates with patients and physicians as our focus. We’re building cutting-edge medical technologies to enable providers to treat patients early and save lives while leaving minimal scars behind.

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Where talent and experience meet

Our incredibly talented team of 150+ engineers, innovators and industry leaders provides years of experience from the top healthcare companies in the world to improve the accuracy and procedural efficiency in lung biopsy procedures.

“If you are up for a startup, and you’re looking for a way to make an impact in other people’s lives, I don’t think you could pick a better company than Noah.”

— John Shen – VP of Engineering

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Our culture

Our mission is to save lives through early diagnosis and treatment. We are goal driven with a proactive, fast-moving, collaborative approach that is based on listening to the needs of patients and physicians and then addressing these needs with creative engineering solutions.

What our employees have to say about working at Noah Medical

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Bringing big ideas to life

We are looking for exceptional team members to join us in building a company where the best ideas win. Noah Medical moves fast to solve hard problems and deliver extraordinary results for our patients and physicians.

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